Gender dysphoria is generally defined as the condition where a person is discontented with the gender he or she was born into. This condition is quite common among children and teens but it can also resurface later in life even at a very advanced age. While there is no general consensus use ever reached between professionals in the medical community, most would agree that some form of biological disorder is responsible behind that abnormal behavior the sufferers are exhibiting.

Some medical professional believe that gender dysphoria in male babies occur because of interruptions during the pregnancy period. A popular theory revolves around an abnormality during the third month of pregnancy. This is the time when male embryos would receive a huge rush of the androgen hormone which is responsible for the development of the male characteristics. If the flow of this hormone is halted even stopped for some reason, the embryo may suffer from the lack of the male hormones, which can cause gender dysphoria later in life.

Some experts are quick to conclude that aside from possible biological disorder, some form of social influence would cause gender dysphoria to happen as well. If strong role models that affect a person outlook and beliefs has-been imposed on a person at a very early age, then gender dysphoria can happen as well. For instance a female child who has a very strong relation with a father who badly wanted a son and this desire may influence the way he treats the young child, then it can be the possible reason for gender dysphoria to affect the young child’s sexual orientation.

gender dysphoria

It is important for parents of guardian and of those who are affected with symptoms of gender dysphoria to take immediate action to combat the prevalence such anomalies from playing a negative influence on a person’s life. Feelings of gender dysphoria can lead to self denial, depression, social withdrawal and in some extreme cases, mutilation of one’s own genital or even suicide. It is important to assist those who are affected by this condition so the symptoms would not escalate into bigger problems in the future.

Before you conclude that your child or someone you love is suffering from gender dysphoria, there are a few things you should observe. For a person to be medically accepted as someone who is afflicted by gender dysphoria, the symptoms should remain for at least two years, causing a considerable amount of unrest and depression on the person afflicted.

In some cultures, such anomalies are accepted as normal and children are encouraged to mimic the actions and the choices of attire to wear would also reflect one of the opposite sex. In fact, in certain parts of the world, people have come to accept that there is a third gender involved that lies somewhere between a man and a woman. Sometimes hormone therapy is given to augment the development of the affected person into the opposite gender he or she desires to be.

In rigid and traditional cultures, such actions are consider as totally unacceptable and the child would be forced to revert back to the original gender he or she is born into. In these cases, counseling and behavior therapy would be ideal to assist the child to overcome his or her confusion as far has their own gender is concerned.